Mission Control

The aim of most events is to maximize benefit for everyone – sponsors, VIPs, regular delegates and, of course, you as the event manager. 1:1 meetings maximize the business networking benefit of attending an event. The more meetings the better… or is that really the best outcome?

At Meeting Mojo we would say “not always”, for the simple reason that we’ve helped hundreds of event managers deliver online 1:1 meeting services over the last 10 years, and every one of those events has been different. Sometimes max is best, most times at least some level of smart management is essential!

We’ve used the feedback from those events to add a set of configuration options that enable you to control who each delegate can meet, how many active meeting requests they can have, which profile categories they can choose, which timeslots and meeting locations are available to them, when they can start requesting meetings, when they can’t request any more meetings, whether they can message other delegates, and a host of other limits.

You can also set up meetings on Meeting Mojo on behalf of your sponsor or VIP delegates, based on their wishlist, with an option to include the event agenda alongside their meeting listing.  The schedule download link enables you to  present them with a neat pdf file with their event itinerary, making it look as though you’ve spent days setting up their schedule when it only took you a couple of hours to do all of them. There’s an option to print all schedules too.

Our philosophy is to makes things simpler. If your 1:1 meeting needs feel complex, we will find a solution that makes it all easier – and quicker – to manager. If you need your 1:1 service to be a little more complex, we’ll find a way to help you deliver it within your resource. If it’s plain vanilla 1:1’s you’re looking for, we do a lot of that too!