Set the Agenda

Meeting Mojo is all about fitting 1:1 meetings into events – a value-added service that fits into a variety of event formats to the benefit of organizers and attendees alike. Our case studies show that this flexibility has paid off. ‘Fitting in’ is good, but ‘being part of’ is better. We are rising to the challenge by developing features that integrate our product more closely with the events it serves.

The personal meeting calendar, or schedule, is at the heart of any attendee’s 1:1 meeting program. But what about the rest of the event? There may be many other must-attend sessions and activities – wouldn’t it be great if these were displayed alongside each attendee’s meeting list, or could even be incorporated into their calendar?

We’ve just released a new feature that enables event organizers to display agenda items on the schedules of all attendees. It supports multiple tracks and can allow attendees to sign up to some or all of the activities on the agenda. The result is a personalized itinerary that each attendee can view online, print or download to their computer or mobile device.

If feedback is anything to go by, we think this feature will prove immensely popular and go a long way towards creating a convenient, accessible, personalized event calendar for Meeting Mojo users.