Take Note!

Meeting Mojo is in the business of helping event attendees to create business, through 1:1 meetings. Our online system positively encourages users to communicate with each other, via rich profile displays, message threading around meetings, and the optional private messaging service. Each participant can get fully up to speed at any time before their meetings start, by reading the message threads and reviewing online profiles.  With all the introductory exchanges already done online, a 20- or 30-minute meeting can then be used to maximum advantage.

Sounds great – but will there be time to read all this at a busy conference or expo? Here’s a typical scenario: your meeting starts in 2 minutes, but you simply cannot remember what is was you wanted to discuss! And guess what, your smartphone’s internet connection just went down, so all that handy information is now outside your grasp. It’s just as well your event organizer chose Meeting Mojo, which enabled you to type in a short note about the meeting.  The note is right there with the meeting details on your personal calendar, which you downloaded that morning as a backup.

Meeting Mojo’s Notes feature isn’t just for 1:1 meetings – attendees can add a short note to any timeslot, creating a mini-itinerary for the event. As the event manager, you can also add reminders to any attendee’s calendar, such as their speaking slot. It’s worth noting…