Setting the Pace

Event managers know that every event is different. To accommodate this, off-the-shelf event management software needs to be as versatile as possible, providing endless combinations of features to fit agendas, activities and venues. Meeting Mojo provides versatility by making almost every feature optional – on/off or with several different operating modes. We call these ‘settings’, and at the last count, our software had over 50 of them.

While most of our customers only use a few settings – such as switching the booking and messaging functions on or off – things can easily get complicated when more settings are involved. For example, you might want to give your delegates the option to bookmark their meeting prospects before you open the meeting request system. If you are running a dedicated business meeting session, you may want each meeting request to be scheduled immediately, without the requirement for confirmation from the requestee.┬áIf your delegates each have a dedicated meeting booth, they may want to chose whose booth they meet at. Perhaps you want to limit the number of meeting requests each person has.

We are constantly looking at ways to simplify these apparently complex configurations. As part of this ongoing effort, we’ve upgraded the settings area of every customer account to make it easier and quicker to find and alter features and functions. You can do this for individual events, or set up a default configuration for every event.