We need to talk about login

Ask 5 people what ‘login’ means to them, and you will get at least 5 answers. A login provides access to a world of features and information that only you can access. It can mean access to information that is yours, and yours alone.  It’s also a security feature – a super-strong padlock keeping your secrets safe. It is sometimes a nightmare: being unable to login is akin to being locked out of your own home. Other times it seems not to make sense – clicking away at a website, you are suddenly confronted with a ‘forbidden’ zone that requires a login. Perhaps the worst of all is having an impersonal password combination created for you by a computer – even though that gives you the best security.

We can’t say it enough – internet security is something Meeting Mojo takes very seriously. Your delegates would expect nothing less… but they also want to get into their meeting account easily and quickly. Until something better comes along that everyone can incorporate into their login systems, the painstaking input of numbers, letters and alternative characters is still the principal method for maintaining login security.

We may be pretty fierce when it comes to security but we’re not completely heartless. Remembering passwords is hard, typing them in via touchscreen can be even harder. We can’t relax our security features but we do our best to help with onscreen guides for users, a convenient ‘new password’ request feature, once-only login per device, login via LinkedIn and easy access for event managers to reset delegates’ passwords when they can’t log in.

Now, which password do I need to post this to the blog…