Making data import easier

Managing attendee data is a big and sometimes challenging part of an event. Because Meeting Mojo deals with large volumes of data every day, we’ve invested a lot of effort in setting up effective and safe processes for importing attendee details onto our systems.  We’ve now embarked on a development program to make data import […]

Does my event really need 1:1 meetings?

In a world where online applications are becoming essential to the smooth running of events across all business areas, it can be surprising to hear an event director say that 1:1 meetings are not relevant. Granted, if you’re organizing a discussion forum or an awards ceremony, 1:1s probably have no place at your event. But […]

Managed, or ‘hosted’, meeting scheduling

Meeting Mojo made its reputation as the 1:1 meeting scheduler that runs itself – you set it up, create login accounts for your delegates and let them arrange their own meetings through the system’s automated functions. But what if you are running a ‘hosted buyer/sponsor’ event? You’ll be looking instead for a system where you […]

What’s the plan?

Online applications enable us to create virtual versions of real-world functions with very little expenditure of resource. At Meeting Mojo, we strive to make every feature of our software quicker to set up and use. In fact, it’s so quick to set up that it really pays to plan your 1:1 meetings project beforehand. A […]

Right on Schedule

Even in today’s connected world it’s not always possible to get online. Often these times coincide with traveling to an event, or even at the venue itself – just when delegates most need to view their schedules!  We’ve been looking at ways of making meeting schedules available offline and came up with 2 new features: […]