Internet security is one of the first things one thinks of when using an application on the web – the news abounds with stories about hacking and identity theft. At Meeting Mojo, we take security very seriously, using encryption and security layering to protect our customers’ websites from malicious damage. But there is another potential source of damage that is much less talked about – human error.  Meeting Mojo’s many configurations work together to make online meeting schedulers that simultaneously fit many different formats, but inadvertently changing one setting can have effects on the entire system – not all of them good. Deletion of data is often irrevocable, but can be done despite the best of intentions.

No one does these things deliberately, or even wittingly, but we’ve all gone down this path at least once. Meeting Mojo has 3 safety nets that can protect your system:

  • Verification: an inbuilt set of notifications and even blockers to help avoid accidental deletion of personal and meeting data
  • Lockdown: we can lock down your vital settings so they can’t be changed
  • Limited Access: if you’ve assigned staff to import, edit and export tasks on attendee data and meeting schedules, they don’t need to access configuration settings and content management. The new Sub-Manager option hides these sensitive areas, enabling them to remain focused and eliminating traps for the uninitiated.

Each layer of safety has been carefully designed to maximise security while maintaining Meeting Mojo’s legendary user experience. The safest system is one that can’t be accessed – but what would be the point of that?