Spring cleaning

Ever had a furniture item in your home that snags your clothing or catches your shin from time to time? A pile of assorted publications that just gets bigger and untidier? A room that just needs a lick of paint? Spring cleaning is the ridiculous amount of time you set aside to deal with all of these annoyances.

We’re in the middle of our own spring clean – ours is virtual, but the story is the same. We’re always told how easy Meeting Mojo is to use, but over time little itches can gather until they start to get in the way of rapid goals. These barriers are just like that pretty furniture item that skinned your leg again today, the dust-gathering pile of advertising fliers in the porch, or the unsightly mark on the spare bedroom wall. So we’re in the middle of a big review aimed at eliminating excessive clicks, awkward displays, unnecessary form fields and unintentional traps that can leave you red-faced.

Our customers have already seen an all-new admin interface where almost all actions are just one click away. The main displays are packed with information that keeps you on top of the project at a glance. Input forms can be as short – or long – as you like. And even more safeguards are there so you won’t accidentally fire off the wrong email to hundreds of delegates. In the next weeks, we will release more upgrades that make Meeting Mojo even easier – and even safer – to use

Spring cleaning always takes up way more time than you’d imagined – but the results are worth every second.