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Please Note

1:1 meetings at events are up-close and personal, but also brief.  In the rush of presentations, sessions and other activities at an event, it’s useful to have notes to hand to jog the memory before going into each meeting.  Meeting Mojo can help! Meeting Notes is one of our less well known features – it […]

High Profile

A good online profile is the outstanding most important feature for delegates who want to get high quality 1:1 meetings at events. Our analysis of millions of 1:1 meetings booked through our software showed that an attendee with a full online profile is 3 times more likely to have a good meeting schedule. Unfortunately, business […]

Building blocks to keep control

In this blog series, we’re rummaging in the Meeting Mojo basement to reveal hidden gems in our feature set. Today, we discovered blocks – not the kind that keep children entertained, but a set of configurations that control user access to timeslots and meeting places. These are best described by laying out some scenarios. Scenario […]

Outlook favorable

Meeting Mojo displays each user’s 1:1 meetings list in an online timetable that updates every time they receive a meeting request, confirmation, reschedule or decline. But some users like to have all their appointments recorded in one calendar – usually Outlook. We thought it would be great if users could add their meetings to Outlook […]

Hidden Agendas

A customer recently asked why our platform didn’t provide a service she needed. The surprise answer was, “Yes, we do”, which made us realise how little we do to promote some of our shiniest features. So we’ve decided to dust off a few of these and bring them out of their dimly lit corners to […]