Part of the event jigsaw

In our connected world, you can provide a seamless event experience by buying into a suite of fully integrated software applications – if you have the budget! If not, you need to find other ways to make your event’s online presence look seamless.

This is where Meeting Mojo’s versatility comes in. A Meeting Mojo website can look and feel like your event website – even sharing the same web address. Add a few reciprocal links with your website so your delegates can navigate back and forth seamlessly. Got an App? you can integrate some Meeting Mojo features using our API. Add your event agenda to Meeting Mojo as a view page, or as an integral part of each delegate’s itinerary. You can also enable online sign-up to your sessions, roundtables or workshops. If you’re not taking online fee payments, a Meeting Mojo registration form will fulfil your registration needs. Or if you’re using RegOnline, you can set up a data feed into Meeting Mojo to automatically set up 1:1 user accounts.

If you’re bringing 2 or 3 event applications together, inevitably you’ll spend a little more time connecting all the pieces. We think of those minutes as the little break that can transform an event from ‘go’ to ‘go-to’. Then you can buy into the high end software suites – we’ll be happy to help you get there.