Setting up meetings for your delegates

Some events attract sponsors by promising them 1:1 meetings with pre-qualified potential customers who will also be attending. This ‘hosted buyer’ or ‘concierge meeting service’ can be a huge attraction, if only you can deliver! Half the battle is in making relevant matches, avoiding clashes with other activities, and preparing professional-looking meeting schedules to send or hand to participants.

Meeting Mojo’s growing client list has recently seen an increase in event managers who want to provide this service. By capturing business category and preference details on each event attendee and enabling these to be filtered, Meeting Mojo enables managers to match sponsors, buyers, government officials and many other VIP attendees with relevant meeting partners. The system also makes it easy and quick to set up and, if necessary, reschedule the meetings without having to worry about meeting clashes. Up to date meeting lists are sent to participants in an easy to read format showing times, locations and meeting partners and any other information you want to add.

This service reaches deeper than event ROI. For sponsors, getting quality meetings they would have struggled to obtain means they are more likely to sponsor your next show. For attendees, the ability to provide a metric on their participation means they are more likely to attend your future events. For those who are undecided, it says they would miss out on valuable business if they don’t attend.