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Access Granted

How can you make sure your attendees get access to their 1:1 meetings account? Let me count the ways… 1. Transfer your registration report data to our downloadable spreadsheet template. Save, and upload via our import wizard. This bulk import creates critical mass and ‘launch tension’ that encourages early 1:1 meeting scheduling. 2. Add attendees […]

The globally-proven 1:1 meeting software

A 1:1 meetings service can be the making of your event. The must-attend attraction. The prize that gets your sponsors onboard. The metrics generator for your funding body. Or just a nice-to-have networking feature. Either way, you’ll be looking for a meetings system that is easy to use, provides the best opportunities for your attendees […]

Synchronized meeting magic

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect your registration app to the world’s most versatile online 1:1 meeting platform so your attendees can start booking meetings within minutes of signing up for your event? It’s been a long road but we’ve just released a new synchronization feature in collaboration with Zapier. It’s a beta […]

Security clearance

Web security is such a trivial topic, right? Wrong! Online services are now regularly taken down by denial-of-service attacks, and the news media is full of reports of mass data theft. Meeting Mojo is always tight on internet security. All our customers already know that we will never share or sell the information that goes […]

Please Note

1:1 meetings at events are up-close and personal, but also brief.  In the rush of presentations, sessions and other activities at an event, it’s useful to have notes to hand to jog the memory before going into each meeting.  Meeting Mojo can help! Meeting Notes is one of our less well known features – it […]