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Part of the event jigsaw

In our connected world, you can provide a seamless event experience by buying into a suite of fully integrated software applications – if you have the budget! If not, you need to find other ways to make your event’s online presence look seamless. This is where Meeting Mojo’s versatility comes in. A Meeting Mojo website […]

Spring cleaning

Ever had a furniture item in your home that snags your clothing or catches your shin from time to time? A pile of assorted publications that just gets bigger and untidier? A room that just needs a lick of paint? Spring cleaning is the ridiculous amount of time you set aside to deal with all […]

How easy is it to set up a Meeting Mojo website?

Our boast is that you can set up a Meeting Mojo online 1:1 scheduler in a few minutes. It’s true – input a set of dates, meeting times and meeting locations into our unique setup wizard, and you are ready to import delegate data and launch. In reality, event organizers want a little more from […]

What’s different about Meeting Mojo?

During a recent training webconference, a client asked what makes Meeting Mojo different from other meeting schedulers. The fact that 1:1 meetings are such a simple concept, makes this question difficult to answer! It’s just an online tool where delegates request meetings, right? Well, there’s a lot you can do to make life easier for […]