Internet security is one of the first things one thinks of when using an application on the web – the news abounds with stories about hacking and identity theft. At Meeting Mojo, we take security very seriously, using encryption and security layering to protect our customers’ websites from malicious damage. But there is another potential […]

Your Personal Event Itinerary

There are some things we just can’t leave alone. One of these is the way we present meeting lists to Meeting Mojo users. At its most basic, the online schedule provides a simple, online overview of meetings – participants, times, locations – that can also be printed out or downloaded as a pdf. Recently we […]

No profile?

Why do some delegate-users not add an online profile? On Meeting Mojo, all profiles are displayed in a searchable listing, helping to attract meeting requests from delegates with relevant interests, and to encourage meeting requestees to respond by providing requestors’ business or biographical information. A useful feature, and we take pains to ensure that users […]

Setting the Pace

Event managers know that every event is different. To accommodate this, off-the-shelf event management software needs to be as versatile as possible, providing endless combinations of features to fit agendas, activities and venues. Meeting Mojo provides versatility by making almost every feature optional – on/off or with several different operating modes. We call these ‘settings’, […]

How easy is it to set up a Meeting Mojo website?

Our boast is that you can set up a Meeting Mojo online 1:1 scheduler in a few minutes. It’s true – input a set of dates, meeting times and meeting locations into our unique setup wizard, and you are ready to import delegate data and launch. In reality, event organizers want a little more from […]