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The (Free) Trials and Tribulations of assessing event software

Choosing event software for your event should be like visiting a venue. You see the real thing, experience the layout and setup and have the opportunity to talk with someone about your requirements. But more importantly you’re given time and space to evaluate things for yourself. Assessing what software is going to be right for […]

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New feature: Private Sessions

Our new Private Session feature is a powerful interactive tool – not just for events – that works in face-to-face, digital or hybrid settings. It allows you to have complete control as an event manager on who can see and access a session within your main event or stand alone. Whether it’s a closed invitation […]

Top tips when using our new digital suite

Our exciting new digital developments are enabling event organisers to pivot or plan completely new events. Our new digital suite includes: – Live broadcasting sessions– Moderated sessions – like webinars and Q&A sessions– One-to-One video chat – with screen share and instant messaging– On-demand content – pre-recorded video and session recordings Supporting these types of […]

Top tips for successful digital partnering events

Attendee engagement is a priority for any event, but it’s even more important when planning digital/hybrid events. Usually at a face-to-face or digital event you’ll see as much as 20% drop out on pre-arranged one-to-one meetings. To address this, we’ve put together some top tips and real life examples of how to make a digital […]

Top Tips for running digital events – back up plans

No matter how meticulously an event is planned there is always something that doesn’t work out completely in the way you expected – and digital events are no different. The key is having a good back up plan in place and we have some great tips and software features to ensure your event runs as […]