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We’re GDPR Compliant

The European Union has just activated the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or GDPR, the biggest advance in online data protection in 20 years. Our customers now need to acknowledge specific rights and protections for citizens of the European Union who attend their events. Meeting Mojo has reviewed and updated its data policies to help you […]

Login problems solved!

There are few online issues as vexing as a login fail. If you’ve forgotten your password, will you be able to get a new one and still have time for your original objective? If you have a password and still can’t log in, what on earth is going on? Meeting Mojo likes to keep things […]

Into the Cloud

Our continuous improvement program includes identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. We’ve been monitoring usage of Meeting Mojo in a number of ways – numbers of users online, percentages of active and storage memory, frequencies of server requests, etc. Over the last couple of years, these figures have risen at faster and faster […]


Internet security is one of the first things one thinks of when using an application on the web – the news abounds with stories about hacking and identity theft. At Meeting Mojo, we take security very seriously, using encryption and security layering to protect our customers’ websites from malicious damage. But there is another potential […]

Your Personal Event Itinerary

There are some things we just can’t leave alone. One of these is the way we present meeting lists to Meeting Mojo users. At its most basic, the online schedule provides a simple, online overview of meetings – participants, times, locations – that can also be printed out or downloaded as a pdf. Recently we […]